Why You Should Consider A Toronto Vacation

There is no question that you have many choices when it comes to vacation locations. So, why should you settle for Toronto? As you will see from this brief article, there are many great things that make Toronto a great tourist destination for the entire family. Toronto is the capital of Ontario Province in Canada. It has a population of about 4.5 million people who offer it a rich cultural diversity. Among Toronto’s attractions are many cultural facilities. The city is quite safe and glows with magnificence. Children require special attention and they need very engaging activities because of their low attention span. As a parent, most likely you want them to participate in activates with a high educational value so that they can develop while in the process of having fun. Some of the special places for kids in the city include the Toronto Zoo’s Wild Toy Animal Hospital where their stuffed animal toys will be checked by vets and the Ontario Science Center that features more than 60 different types of snakes and lizards. Other great activities are Canada’s Wonderland, Argos Fan Day, and Bakugan Ultimate Battle. Sports are another thing that makes Toronto special. You will have the opportunity to see different great teams playing and get a unique experience if you visit the Hockey Hall of Fame. Toronto is also where you will find the world’s tallest freestanding structure, the CN Tower, which stands at 553.33 meters.You also can experience many different cultural environments firsthand by visiting such places as Little Italy, Yorkville, China Town, and Bloor West Village. There are also a number of annual festivals to take part in. Festivals are not just about cultural activities, although they do often reflect the different cultures found in the city. The food festivals in particular are a special treat.There are many activities, both outdoor and indoor, that make Chicago special. These include summer concerts, theater events, Toronto boat cruises, Canada Day events, and several performing art events. Toronto has a vibrant night life, with many clubs, bars, casinos, dinner theaters, movie theaters, and different entertainment complexes. There is never a dull moment in the city, be it day or night. If you are interested in shopping, Toronto has some great places to check out. There are literally hundreds of shops at the underground PATH system and at Eaton Center. You can even walk along the business and entertainment districts without even going out during the winter season. The shopping stretch underground covers 27 kilometers and includes some large department stores and unique retail stores.There are many hotels where you can stay in many different locations some of which are within walking distance of special tourist attractions. While some are at the outskirts, you can take the subway to reach some of the places you would like to visit.

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