Watching the Polar Bears Over the Ice in Spitsbergen

Spitsbergen is the ideal place if you want to embark on an amazing Arctic adventure. Here you can watch the polar bears and the iceberg floating on the waters, while spending an incredible time away from home.Svalbard, which is the place where Spitsbergen is situated, was explored during the twelfth century by the Vikings, but it was forgotten until the Dutch explorers stumbled upon it four centuries later. While whale hunting was the main activity on the islands for a long period of time, the 20th century brought the industry of coal mining here. Russian and Norwegians used to operate these mines. Svalbard also became a place for scientific research, especially for sciences like arctic biology and glaciology.The islands are a very interesting place to visit, if you are looking for buying some high quality items made by the people here. The islands are also duty free, which means that purchasing these items is also cheaper and you can get a lot for the money spent.Spitsbergen is a very interesting place to explore, as, once you set foot outside the human inhabited zone, you will find yourself face to face with the arctic desert. That is why it is strongly advised to avoid going on explorations on your own, especially since organized tours are a better option. Polar bears can be quite dangerous, so losing yourself on the desert of ice is not the only danger you’ll want to avoid. Snowmobiles are used in Spitsbergen as the main means of transportation and you will have to get accustomed to them.A great advantage of snowmobiles is that they allow you to drive over the land and ice. Weather is quite unpredictable, so take a guide with you always on these trips.One of the things you may find hard to get accustomed to here is the absolute silence. Here there are no cars, no bustling cities, no trees and no houses. A thick layer of snow covers everything, and white is the only color you will see. Sun is always up during the Arctic day, so it will be difficult to tell when the day ends.The ancient mountains, shaped by the unforgiving glaciers, are a sight to behold. Human settlements can be seen from time to time, but most of the time, there are only groups of hunters on the go to their next prey. The signs of humans living here are seen in the small shelters that were once built from the little wood brought here by ships. The same purpose, that of sheltering hunters while on their hunting trips, is served today.A spectacle you will not want to miss in Spitsbergen is watching the glaciers falling in the frozen waters. It is about the only sound you may hear around. The only animals seeming to inhabiting these lands are polar bears that can be spotted over the ice.

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