Traveling Tips for San Marino

San Marino is a little state located in the heart of Italy that claims to be the oldest republic in the entire world. Along with Vatican City and Monaco, it is one of the smallest nations in Europe. Because it is practically surrounded by the state of Italy, it shares many of the same characteristics.Archaeological proofs show that San Marino is a very old state. Some documents show that it was founded by Marinus, a stonemason that started this country in the fourth century AD. While the man was climbing on Mount Titano, where he intended to establish a Christian community in times when the partisans of this religion were persecuted by the Roman emperors, he discovered this place overlooking the Adriatic coast and made it into a human settlement.The capital of the country is San Marino, and it is situated on top of a mountain. The city is quite well defended by a strong wall and a few towers, from which the rest of the state can be supervised. The Historic Center at Mount Titano was declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO just recently.In order to get to the city, you will have to pass through the gates of the well guarded San Marino. Here, you can simply walk around; there are few cars here, as well as few streets for them to drive on. If you know to speak Italian, it will be easy to get around as everyone here speaks Italian fluently.A few places can be seen in San Marino. For a fee, you can get to see the towers guarding the city. You will be given a red card to see two of the towers or the yellow card if you intend to see only one. The third tower, however, cannot be visited as it has no entrance. Exploring the narrow streets of the city can be quite entertaining. For instance, you can reach the San Marino Lake, where you can spend a little time fishing.If you are looking for a souvenir from your trip to San Marino, make sure to stamp your passport at the information center for tourists. It will take you 5 Euros to pay for an official ink stamp, but you will have a great proof to show your folks that you were in San Marino.If you are in the mood for a bit of unusual shopping, San Marino is a great place to do that. Weapons are the most sold items in souvenir shops, and you can acquire a sword, as well as a B-B gun. While any types of Euros are accepted in any shop here, San Marino has its own patterns for the Euro coins. You can buy a whole set from a souvenir shop just to obtain a little bit of change. It is also interesting to see that prices for disposable cameras are lower here than in Italy. A reason for this is because San Marino does not have a sales tax.

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