Traveling on a Budget in Ljubljana

When you are on vacation or simply traveling, saving money is always a good idea. If you are in Ljubljana, there are a few money saving tips that can save you quite a lot. Here is how to spend less when in Ljubljana.Traveling around the city will require you to use the public transportation if you do not have your own car. A bus ticket is usually one Euro for one single ride, and the price does not differ depending on how many miles you travel. If you are staying in Ljubljana for more than just a day or two, it is best to acquire something that is called a bus card that will save a few Euros from your daily spending. The price you will pay for one ticket will be lower, and you will have more freedom to move around.Changing different buses can be quite a hassle, especially if you need to buy a different ticket for each and every one. Instead of that, using the bus card will prove more beneficial. On the course of a two week stay, you can save more than 30 Euros just on transportation alone. The bus card also has a special feature: you can add the necessary funds from the machines that can be found on bus station in case you need to travel more.Many people in Slovenia love to meet their friends over coffee, and spending some relaxing afternoons or evenings in a caf” may be your idea of fun as well. If you like drinking coffee or tea, you will soon discover that the prices vary a lot from about 1 Euro to 2.5 Euros. Another necessity for any traveler would be the wireless Internet connection. There are just a few hot Wi-Fi spots in Ljubljana, but they will charge you about 2 Euros for only 20 minutes of connection time. Here is a tip on how to solve this problem when in Ljubljana. It may require a little bit of research, but it will be worth your time. You will need to find a bar where they have wireless Internet readily available for their guests. There are cafes where they do not charge that much on beverages, and also offer access to a laptop and wireless Internet totally free of charge. This means that you can save up several dozens of Euros just by combining the two pleasures: sipping a cup of coffee and checking your e-mails.This is a trick that is well known by the locals and you should not be surprised to see them checking their e-mails while being served coffee or tea. It is not very hard to find the best ways to save on your expenses while away from home. The only thing you need to do is to pay attention to details.

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