Tourist Destinations in Kotor

Kotor is only a small town located in Montenegro, numbering no more than 23,500 inhabitants, but its importance as a tourist destination is far greater. The architecture here is quite famous and the natural location of the town makes it a great getaway.The town is located in a remote area, on the Boka Kotorska bay, on the northern coast of Montenegro. Kotor was built around Stari Grad, an important landmark of the town that was also declared by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site. The looks over the bay are stunning as this bay is considered to be the deepest fjord located in the Mediterranean waters. There are steep mountains that stretch all the way to the beach that makes this area a true natural beauty.Among the many places you can see in Kotor, you may want to pay a visit to some old churches. The St Tryphon’s Cathedral is located in the Old Town and is almost one millennium old. The building suffered a lot because of earthquakes but was always rebuilt. The patron of the town, St Tryphon, is buried here and you can visit his tomb. Another famous church in Kotor is St Nicolas Church, an Orthodox church which is the largest in this area of the town.There is a lot to learn about the history of the town at the Maritime Museum, where you can admire a large variety of weapons, photographs, model ships, uniforms and paintings.If you want to engage in a little bit of physical activity, there is no better way to do it then by climbing up to the fortifications. The cliffs are almost vertical and they look like they are guarding the town from above. You will need to climb about 1,350 stairs in order to get on top of the cliffs, but the views are truly worth it. The St John’s fortress is located here and is the best place in all Kotor to take in the views of the bay and of the town.A great pastime in Kotor is a boat trip. Inside the bay you will find Sveti Djordje and Gospa od Skrpijela islands and can explore them by embarking on a boat trip that will take you there.If you are looking for an opportunity to go shopping, there is no better place to do that than in the old town. Here, you will find many boutique stores where they sell a lot of fashionable items. At bargain prices you can get well made replicas of original designer items. Not only fashion items are sold here. There is a market open to visitors where you can buy fresh vegetables.When you are tired of shopping and walking around, it is time to find a place to eat. There are many types of restaurants in Kotor, and you can choose between many delicious dishes, such as seafood and traditional cuisine. If you are in the mood for a pizza or a hamburger, you will find plenty of places selling such foods as well.

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