Top Tourist Destinations in San Francisco

If you travel to San Francisco, you will find a goldmine of fun tourist activities. There are many intriguing things to see, which is why this is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the continental United States. Here are some of the tourist attractions you should consider.MuseumsOne of the best ways of learning about a city or country is by visiting its museums where you can learn some historical facts about the region. Whether you would like to learn about art, the Chinese culture, or even cartoons, there is a relevant museum in San Francisco. Golden Gate BridgeThe Golden Gate Bridge is one of the most popular tourist destinations in San Francisco. Whether you would like to take a walk along the bridge or just take its picture from a close range, every experience is accommodated. Remember that those who hear that you have come from the city will ask you about the bridge, so be sure to snap at least one photo.AlcatrazHave you ever heard about Al Capone? He became a guest of the state for a while at the Alcatraz prison. If you do not mind traveling in a ferry, then you can visit the prison and take a guided tour through it.Aquarium of the BayIf you are thinking of taking a vacation in the company of your kids then you should think of where they would enjoy to visit. The Aquarium of the Bay offers the opportunity to see rich marine life. The Aquarium of the Bay boasts of more than 20,000 aquatic animals thus your children will never be bored here!Six Flags Discovery KingdomThe Six Flags Discovery Kingdom is another great destination for the whole family. This is a special amusement park where you have the chance to see a variety of animals and take part in different activities. The best transport in San Francisco is the city tour bus. A commercial tour bus is a great way of touring this compact city, and affords you some of the best views. The drivers of the tour buses do not just know their way around the city, but also the history behind them, hence you will also gain some valuable insights. There are many different types of bus services each of which cater to different needs. For example, large groups usually take bus parties, which have large windows for better viewing, fully-equipped bars, plasma televisions, and great sound systems. You may also opt for a charter bus for a few people.Always do your research well to ensure that you get the best deal possible. For example, you will want to buy tour tickets from a legitimate tour company instead of a reseller.You should also look closely into the hotels that you may want to stay at. There are many cheap hotels in San Francisco that offer a pleasant stay. Take care to familiarize yourself with the neighborhoods before you book a hotel.

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