Things to Do in Paphos

There are many activities a tourist can engage in while in Paphos, and many include a lot of excitement. For instance, you can embark on a kayak and travel the sea, or you can do some skiing, mountain biking or hiking. The place is also packed with history as it is thought to be the place where Goddess Aphrodite was born. Once you set foot here, you will see a lot of ruins, relics and artifacts dating from ancient times.As it happens with many cities with a long history, Paphos is divided in two, one that shelters the historical part and a modern one where you can enjoy all the great conveniences of modern life. The part of the city where you can explore all the archaeological findings is called Kato Paphos and is located on the Mediterranean shore. Ano Paphos is the modern part of the city and is home to many shops, museums and great restaurants where you can taste the traditional cuisine.Paphos is well known for the great water sports you can try here. If you want to spend a quiet day at the beach you can do so as there are many secluded beaches where you can unwind. Coral Bay is one place you will certainly enjoy, whether you are a windsurfer or you just want to bathe in the sun.Kayak tours are also all the rage in Paphos and you can rent anything you need for windsurfing or other water sports. For instance, you can rent a pedal boat and explore the entire coast this way. Parasailing is another option, but only if you are not afraid of heights.You will always see sailing boats gliding on the surface of the Mediterranean waters. If you like, you can rent one and explore Cyprus at your leisure.Walking on the coast is largely appreciated on the northern part of the city. There are even coastal walking tours available, and the guides will tell you all about the history of the place and the geology of the area. You’ll also get the chance to explore the old ruins and mosaics found at Nea Paphos.Don”t forget to visit the Trodos Mountains while you are in Paphos. During summer, the forests here are great for hiking; while in the winter, they are covered with snows. Winter sports are also available. Snowboarding, cross-country skiing and so on are among the most popular sports during winter. It is very interesting to find out that even though snow falls on the mountains, the sea water still remains warm and you can still indulge in a walk on the beach.Getting into Paphos is fairly easy since the city is located not far from the airport. There are also plenty of accommodations to choose from so you can spend a wonderful vacation in Paphos.

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