The Old and New Belgrade

Recently known as being a city ravaged by war, Belgrade is now the new meaning of hope as its reconstruction is aimed at giving back the shine that this city always had. Located in the northern area of Serbia, Belgrade is also the biggest city in the country, as 1.5 million people call it home.

The location, on a spot where Danube River and Sava River meet, is very good and it’s not surprising to discover that an ancient human settlement lived here since the oldest of times.

Archaeological findings point out that the city was founded here before the 6th century, during times when Greeks, Celts and Romans passed through here. The architecture in Belgrade is a great illustration of the venerable age the city has, and one of the most important attractions. If you want to visit one of the oldest European cities, Belgrade should be on your list.

Belgrade is also renowned for its cosmopolitan population. Not only do Serbians live here, but other people from far corners of the world also live here. Chinese is a very important group, and it is believed that about 20,000 Chinese live in their own neighborhood in Belgrade. Indonesians live here as well, along with people from Middle East countries, such as Iraq, Syria and Jordan.The main reason for this melting pot of races is the fact that Belgrade universities have welcomed foreign students for a long time and many of them decided to remain here and earn a living.

Tourism in Belgrade is quite developed, despite the turbulent past. The nightlife in this city is considered to be among the best in the area and there are many nightclubs everywhere you look. If you do not care that much about dancing till dawn, you may be interested in other tourist activities such as a historical tour of the city. Just walking around the streets will get you acquainted with the old Belgrade and its beautiful buildings, but you can also visit the National Museum and the National Theater in order to learn more about the history of this city. Avala Monument is an important landmark of Belgrade and there you can enjoy the views of the city from afar.

There are many places where you can spend an enjoyable time in Belgrade. Fine restaurants, and trendy bars and clubs are scattered all over the city and, if you are looking for a little bit of relaxation, the city parks will not disappoint you. Shopping is a great activity to indulge in as many shops wait for you to spend your money. Another place you may want to visit while in Belgrade is the Beli Dvor Palace, or the White Palace, as it is also called. The residence of the royal family is open for the general public, so if you have the time, don”t forget to include this destination in your tour. Here you can admire the beautiful paintings hanging on the walls, many signed by famous painters such as Rembrandt.

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