The Most Important Tourist Activities in Tallinn, Estonia

Tallinn is the capital city of Estonia, and one tourist spot that only during the recent years was put on the map as one destination you can try. Because the country was under Soviet influence until 1991, the city had little room to grow, but a lot has changed during the last decade and now Tallinn is a place famous for its vivid nightlife and other tourist attractions. There is no need to drive a car while in Tallinn as the most important buildings are situated quite close to one another and you can explore them on foot. You will also appreciate the scenic coastline, as well as the beautiful architecture that can be admired all throughout the city. The medieval charm of the city is what drives many tourists here ever since the Soviet influence diminished in intensity. You can take a walk around the old town where you can still spot ancient walls, old courtyards, quaint houses with conical roofs, streets paved with cobblestone and old churches dating as far back as one millennium.Do not forget to put on your list the Gothic Town Hall, the Alexander Nevsky Cathedral (which is a Russian Orthodox Church), the Church of St Olav (which was built during the 13th century), the castle of Toompea and the Art Museum located at Kadriorg. If you want to walk on the streets of an old medieval town, there is no better place to be than the Pirita District.But many people come here especially because of the exciting nightlife in Tallinn. There are many things to do here as cafes, clubs, beer cellars and discos are very numerous. You can dance till morning, or you can try different types of beer. Tallinn will offer you plenty of excitement.If you are traveling with your kids, don”t forget to take them to the zoo as this is where you can see mountain goats. The zoo also features elephants and crocodiles, and the ponds located in the center of the zoo offer the best habitat for many species of birds.Take your time and visit the Open Air Museum where you can see over seventy buildings representing the evolution of the Estonian architecture. The location of the museum is on a dense forest which makes for a truly interesting experience. Among the best museums in Tallinn, you will also find the National Art Museum. This is a very important building since it was inaugurated in 2006 and built entirely through effort made post-Soviet rule.While in the Pirita region, you need to pay a visit to the Holy Brigitta Monastery, dating from the 16th century. This monastery was considered a place for Scandinavian saints, and now has a guest house where you can stay overnight. The place is run by nuns and very quiet, so come here if you are looking for a quiet place to spend a night.

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