The Fascinating Parador Santo Domingo De La Calzada

Parador Santo Domingo De La Calzada is a part of a 12th century hospital that was built to provide service to the pilgrims on their way to the Road to Santiago. Parador Santo Domingo De La Calzada and the city of Santo Domingo are intertwined in the history of the route to the renowned pilgrimage, Road to Santiago. The city was founded by a priest known by the name of Domingo and he was the one who first established the Road to Santiago. He was given large sums of money to establish this route. He chose wisely and built bridges and a hospice. The hospice was later transformed and opened to the public as The Parador in 1965.

The Parador Santo Domingo is located in the center of the old quarter and has a marvelous cathedral, with its famous bell tower adjacent to it. As you step into the wonderful surroundings you get the feeling you’re going back in time, back to the ages when church was the supreme body. The main hall is lit by natural lighting though the stained glass on the ceiling and has been divided into sitting areas with the help of enormous Gothic stone arches. The public rooms are furnished with flourishing green plants and cozy cushion chairs.

During your stay at the Parador you should visit the fascinating cathedral that is adjacent to the Parador, but don”t be surprised if you are awoken by a crowing cock. It is said that the innkeeper’s daughter had a romantic inclination towards a young man who was there on the pilgrimage. Unfortunately, he did not reciprocate her sentiments and, in a moment of rage, the girl made a false allegation of theft on the man to teach him a lesson. She hid some silver amongst his belonging and he was proven guilty of theft and sentenced to death by hanging. Fortunately St. Dominic was able to prevented his death. When all this was reported to the magistrate, he refused to accept it and commented that the man was as dead as the chicken he was about to eat. Suddenly the chicken on his table came to life and flew away. This legendary tale is honored to date by a cock in the cathedral and a piece of gallows behind it on the wall.

The Parador has 2 suites, 7 bedrooms with double beds and 52 bedrooms with two twin beds. Each bedroom has a private bathroom, telephone, mini bar, satellite television and a safe. The rooms are spacious and some rooms also offer a desk, four poster beds, and table and chairs. The Parador has additional facilities for the disabled. Enjoy a relaxing dip in the magnificent pool or rejuvenate in the wonderful spa. The premises do not allow pets. Barely 60 km from the airport and 32 km from the station, Parador Santo Domingo de la Calzada is an ideal place to stay during your visit to Santo Domingo.

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