The Charm of Tirana

Albania is a country located in the Southern area of Europe and one that is not thoroughly developed, economically or otherwise. This does not make the country less worthy of exploration, especially since its rural charm was preserved due to the lack of industrial development. This country and its capital city, Tirana, are quite interesting places to explore if you want to explore a part of Europe less wild and more traditional.It will be very easy for you to get around Tirana and other places in Albania. The people here know quite a bit of English, so it is very convenient to ask them for directions. Also, if you know a few Italian words, you will discover that the natives know this language as well, so language barriers will not be a problem for you.Another great thing about the fact that Albania is not such a developed country is that the prices for everything are quite low. You will find many cheap places to stay across the country, even in Tirana, the capital city. The accommodations provided are not only cheap, but clean and convenient as well; you can pay with either US dollars or Euros.You may enjoy the food here a great deal. It has Turkish influences and is quite filling. The most appreciated dishes in Albania are shish kebab and various types of soups and prepared meat. Desert almost always includes ice cream and coffee.Tirana is also a place to visit when you want to spend a unique type of vacation. While not so long ago Tirana had a not so good reputation, things have changed a great deal. Nowadays, the local administration works towards making Tirana a modern and wonderful city where tourists will love coming.The history of the place is quite rich, and you can learn about it while simply taking a stroll on the streets of Tirana. Historic monuments are present everywhere, as well as religious buildings and many other landmarks. Scattered among them, you will now find more modern buildings, such as shopping malls or green parks. The most important plaza in the city is Skanderbeg Square. Around it, you will find many fine restaurants and great shops. Also here you will find a museum of natural history and one of modern sciences.Around the city you will also find many other things to do. Hire a vehicle and take a drive in the neighboring areas as you will not regret it. Driving to the west will take you to the beach where you can enjoy the warm climate and the fine sand. A scenic drive will take you through the hills and farming lands.Tirana also has a vivid nightlife. Many nightclubs were built during the last years and they are quite amazing, especially considering the location. Most of them are located in Blokku, a neighborhood where everything regarding nighttime entertainment happens in Tirana.

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