The Charm and Uniqueness of Beautiful Bratislava

Bratislava is one of the most beautiful cities in Europe, and the capital of Slovakia. Many tourists come here, drawn by the unique charm of the city that still preserves its Old Town well. The history of the place goes back a long time, as human settlements were established here in ancient times.Behind the Iron Curtain for years, Bratislava is now a very lively city where tourists love to come. The period of time when the communism ruled here did not influence the character of this charming city that managed to preserve its beauty and uniqueness. It does not take a long flight from other places in Europe to get to Bratislava, and there are many low cost flights that will make your trip easy.The first place in Bratislava that will catch your eye is the Old Town. While it is not very large, it has many places for you to see; shops where you can buy interesting items; and quaint cafes where you can stay and sip your drink while watching the people go by. Here are a few points of interest that, as a tourist, you should visit when in Bratislava.Bratislava Castle should be the first on your list because of its unique design. Here, you can admire art collections bought by the National Museum, as well as an exhibit showing the History of Musical Instruments.Another place to visit in Bratislava is the Primatial Palace. Centuries ago an important event took place here: the Pressburg peace treaty was signed by Napoleon. The best expositions here are those organized by the Municipal Museum and the one dedicated to English tapestry. The tapestries showcased here were actually discovered inside the palace.A landmark of great important is the St Martin’s Cathedral. This is the oldest religious place in the city, dating from the 14th century. It was designed in the gothic style, and its foundation took place during the times when this city was the capital of the great Kingdom of Hungary. Queen Marie Theresa was crowned here.Other interesting exhibits on arms and fortifications can be seen at St Michael’s Tower. This is the only standing tower of the old watch tower gates. If you do not mind climbing a few flights of stairs, you will be rewarded with an amazing view of the city. You can also take pictures of the castle while there.The New Bridge, or Novy Most as locals call it, is one of the modern symbols of this European capital. The top is occupied by the UFO Caf” from where you can admire all of Bratislava.Many things worth visiting wait for you in Bratislava. The historical part of the city is sure to catch your heart, and the general feeling of the place makes it so unique that you will want to come back here again. This European capital should be a must-see on the list of cities you want to visit.

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