The Best Parks to Visit with Your Family in Orlando, Florida

When thinking about Florida vacation you should always consider Orlando as a potential destination. The best parks can be found in the city, and kids will get excited if you tell them where you are headed for the summer. Here are the best parks you and your family should visit when you travel to Orlando.Lake Eola ParkThe main attraction of this park is the lake which is situated right in the center with a sidewalk around it that visitors use for walking, or jogging, or rollerblading. Once a sinkhole, it was filled with water by rain and is now viewed as a natural attraction. There are plenty of other things to do in the park outside of walking and jogging. If you do not want to put your body through a workout, you can simply take a seat and enjoy the Orlando skyline or listen to concerts in the open air amphitheater situated inside the park. Among other entertainment options, riding a bike is popular among park visitors. You can take a swan boat and paddle to the fountain situated in the center of the lake. Also, if you head to the park in the autumn you may have the chance to attend the Fiesta in the Park festival.Harry P Leu GardensThis large botanical garden has many things to offer to visitors. If you want to see the biggest collection of Camellia flowers (without taking California into account) this is the place to go. The park is also known as the shelter of the largest rose garden in the entire state. On the park grounds you will find a house museum, which was erected towards the end of the 19th century. The variety of gardens that can be found here is amazing. You can walk through a tropical garden, an herb and vegetable garden, or a garden populated by bamboos and palms. You can also admire a large variety of butterflies. It is a great place to take children, as special events are organized for children on a regular basis.Fort Christmas ParkYou can enjoy a trip right outside Orlando to visit the historical park and museum located in Christmas, a small town situated at the outskirts the city. A real life replica of the place known as Fort Christmas can be found here and you can also visit historical homes that remind travelers of the old architecture used in East Orange County. The pioneer life is illustrated through exhibits. You can also buy souvenirs from the local gift shop and a cowboy reunion is held regularly offering locals the opportunity to share their experiences with travelers. Other events that may interest you while you visit this location include an art festival usually held in March, the Pioneer Homecoming Day held in October, and the Cracker Christmas held in December.

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