The Best Museums and Galleries in Vancouver

Vancouver is a lively and energetic city bursting with energy and activity. It is considered one of the most livable cities in the world. Its scenic beauty is unmatched and offers a treasure of fascinating museums and galleries. Vancouver offers up a multitude of activities catering to each and every whim of a tourist. The Vancouver Art Gallery was established in the year 1931. It is the most respected art gallery in Canada and is also the largest art gallery in Western Canada. It houses world famous pieces from international artists and contains approximately 200 pieces by the renowned British Columbian, Emily Carr, which is the largest collection to date. It also has one of the largest and best historical pieces and is arguably more of an art museum than an art gallery. It has a rich collection of some 9,000 works of art both by Canadian artists as well as international artists.The works of art within its collection are loaned to various exhibitions locally, nationally and internationally. Researchers, students, scholars, publishers, authors etc also use the collection for replication for various purposes. The collection holds a treasure of breathtaking art from the 19th century coastal and mountain landscapes of British Columbia. Along with these ancient works, they also have stunning works of art by present day Vancouver artists on display. The Vancouver Art Gallery prides itself in having a wonderful blend of contemporary and modern works of art. On the other hand, the Contemporary Art Gallery has emerged as the only independent non-profit art gallery in Vancouver from the year 1996 to the year 1971. Starting in the year 1984 the Contemporary Art Gallery became artist run. In collaboration with Rethink Communications they built the “Button Wall” in the year 2005. This wall has over 50,000 buttons pinned onto it and each word symbolizes a response to contemporary art. In a bid to promote contemporary art, visitors are free to take as many buttons as they wish. The Contemporary Art Gallery not only exhibits art but it also holds various outreach and education programs while offering regularly organized public speeches too. The vision of the Contemporary Art Gallery is to provide a smooth transition of artistic creations driven by social forces. The Museum of Anthropology was founded in the year 1949, in the basement of the main library in the University of British Columbia. Today the Museum of Anthropology is housed in a magnificent building. It contains a handpicked collection of historical and cultural artifacts. Located in the University of British Columbia, the museum showcases an attractive assortment of 36,000 ethnologic artifacts and 535,000 archeological artifacts. It is known all over the world for its public programs, teaching, research and community connections. It houses the largest collection of works by Bill Reid in the world. His famous work of art, “Raven and the First Men,” is also on display in the museum.

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