The Best Activities You Should Try in Monaco

The well known, yet small, principality located on the French Riviera called Monaco, is a place where many people want to be. While it is located on a strip of coastline with a little beach and mostly cliffy, Monaco is still a great tourist destination. Here are just a few of the activities you really need to try while there.Designed during the 13th century as a fortress the Royal Palace of Monaco is a place really worth visiting. Here, the Sovereign Prince and his relatives live, and the palace is populated by beautiful apartments. The palace is opened to visitors when the royal family is not here and, if you go visiting at the right time (right before noon) you can watch the changing of the guard.The botanical gardens in Monaco are pretty impressive. Here, you will see many types of plants as the local climate is inductive for the growth of different species. Nearby, you will see the Museum of Prehistory and Anthropology with many exhibits that are worth taking a look at.Monaco is well known for its Formula One Grand Prix. The route here is famous world wide for being the most hard to tackle, even by the most experienced formula one drivers. The race is also very popular and many people come here in May or June when it takes place.Another impressive thing to see in Monaco is the car collection belonging to the Prince. The collection is made of over one hundred vehicles and, if you are a car enthusiast, you will certainly get to see a lot of things you may like.The Oceanographic Museum is an interesting place to visit, especially because of the wide array of animal species that are featured here. You cannot miss the place since a statue of Prince Albert I is placed nearby. The reason for this statue being here is the fact that the prince was also a reputed marine scientist.A very romantic place in the city is the Monaco Cathedral where Prince Rainier married Grace Kelly. Here the princess is also buried, so you can visit her tomb along with the tombs of the Grimaldi family members that passed away.The harbor is a pretty busy place but you can explore it to see what is going on. Ferries are traveling back and forth and the yachts are an image to die for. Who knows? You may get the chance to see someone famous while here!Shopping is a great activity in Monaco but an expensive hobby. The best places to indulge in this activity are the Golden Circle and the Fontvieille Shopping Center.Of course, you cannot leave Monaco without visiting at least one of its famous casinos. A place reputed for gambling, Monaco has a certain charm that you will not find anywhere else. Casino de Paris is among the best known casinos here.

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