The Beauty of Saint Petersburg

Tsar Peter the Great founded Saint Petersburg by the Neva River in 1703 to serve as a ‘window of Europe’. The city was the capital of Russia for the next two centuries. It has both a European and Russian heritage that makes it unique and is regarded as the cultural center of modern Russia. It is fastly becoming one of the most popular destinations in Europe with its rich culture that pervades many aspects of the city.The ‘city of the Tsars’ has something to offer regardless of the season. The humid continental weather is ideal with the summer seasons being relatively cool due to the cyclones from the Baltic Sea. You”ll also experience what is known as the white night when you visit in June. The midnight sun provides an unforgettable experience.The city boasts of architectural grandeur; lovely streets, lanes and avenues; pleasant parks, as well as several rivers and canals. The city also offers great views of the Gulf of Finland. As a cultural city, Saint Petersburg has several cultural institutions, among which are museums, culture palaces, art galleries, theaters, and music and concert halls.There are many things to enjoy in Saint Petersburg. To see many of the historical buildings in the city, take a stroll along the Nevskii Prospect, which is the best known avenue here.The city is beautiful both during the day and at night. There are night city tours that you can use to take in the breathtaking beauty of the city under illumination. One magnificent site you”ll see during the night tour is the drawing of the bridges (either up or down) at night to allow ships to pass.Another site to visit is the Church of the Savior. The church has historical significance, as it was built on the very place where Emperor Alexander II received a mortal wound in 1881 from a grenade attack. The building never served as an official church.There are different modes of transport that you can use to tour Saint Petersburg, including autobus and boat city tours. The boat city tour allows you to travel along the canals and rivers, providing some of the most attractive sights of the city.

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