Take a Romantic Trip to Reykjavik

There are many places on Earth where you can spend an incredibly romantic vacation, but maybe there is no place to compare Reykjavik, the capital city of Iceland. While the city is modern and up to date, you will discover that it has not lost its natural charm, which makes it such as great getaway for people looking for a great vacationing spot. Many people, especially from Great Britain, love to come here on weekends, but you can spend an entire week here with your beloved, and will not regret it.This city is the greatest place to go on a whale watching tour. There are many species of whales living in the waters around the island, such as the Minke whale, Killer whale and Humpback whale. You can see plenty of them, along with a lot of dolphins and seals. The city harbor is the place to go for booking a romantic tour for watching the whales and the other nautical species that play and live in these waters. You will get the amazing chance to see these creatures in their natural environment, instead of watching them in an artificial aquarium.A romantic getaway would not be complete without a romantic dinner. The best place to have such a lovely pastime is in the revolving restaurant situated on the well known Perlan building. The construction looks really like out of this world, since it was erected among five tanks with thermal water that represent Reykjavik’s very own hot water supply. Perlan actually means “Pearl” in the native language, and the structure truly looks like a precious stone. Once you climb on top of the building, you will enter its famous restaurants from where you can admire the amazing views of Reykjavik. The food is also incredibly delicious and, if you and your better half are into seafood, this is about the best meal you can get in all Iceland.A romantic trip must continue with a great day at the spa. You will be amazed to see what a serious business this is for the people that live here. You will be taken from the hotel and led to the lava fields that stretch on the outskirts of the city. Here you will find the amazing Blue Lagoon and you can take a relaxing walk on its shores. After the walk, it is highly recommended to immerse in the great thermal waters. You can book a few massage treatments so you can feel renewed and entirely reborn when you will go back to your normal life.Another great romantic walk that you can take is on the charming Ellidaardalur Valley. The hiking trails are quite picturesque and the entire area looks like it was taken from a fairytale. This is also a great chance to experience the beauty of the scenery that had such an influential role in shaping the lives of the people that live here. Remember, when you are looking for a romantic vacation, choose Reykjavik!

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