Spending Great Weekends in Baltimore

Baltimore is a US city that is known for its impressive baseball park. While this was not always the case, since Baltimore did not always spend money on building baseball stadiums or other impressive constructions, things changed a few decades ago. The mayor serving in public office at the time, William Donald Schaefer, decided to develop the area around Inner Harbor and the Harborplace Pavilions were opened as a result of the new urban vision. The new baseball park, Orioles Park at Camden Yards, is nowadays regarded as one of the most important in the US.In this newly revamped area, you will find the National Aquarium, the Visionary Art Museum, and the Maryland Science Center. If you are looking for some top class shopping, you head over to the nearby local mall, called the Gallery, where you can find a plethora of designer items.A trip to Mount Vernon will take you to Peabody Institute, which is considered one of the most prestigious music schools in America. While you are here, check out the Washington Monument, the Lyric Opera House, and the Walters Art Gallery. The area is also famous for its historical architecture.An area very much loved by students and teachers in Baltimore is Charles Village. Because of its proximity to the local university, the campus is very lively and the neighborhoods are rich in rental apartments where people coming to learn or teach at the university reside. Not far away, you will find the Museum of Art, where a large collection of paintings from the post-impressionist era is exhibited.Take a picturesque walk on the cobblestone streets of Fells Point and you will find plenty of craft shops as well as restaurants and bars. If you are looking for a fun way to travel between Inner Harbor and Fells Point, try the water taxi.A visit to the Orioles Park at Camden Yards is the largest must see attraction. The old houses from the neighborhood complete with their lovely white steps have been renovated into exquisite homes. The Hippodrome movie theatre is now home to a center for performing arts allowing artists from all walks of life to come here and prove their worth. A trip down the memory lane will take you to a museum dedicated to Babe Ruth and the tombstone of Edgar Allan Poe.Those that love Italian food should venture down to Baltimore’s Little Italy. The quaint little houses are separated from place to place by Italian restaurants, where people can enjoy a very palatable meal. Important people that used to live here include Nancy Pelosi and Thomas D’Allessandro.Baltimore is especially famous for its seafood. A local specialty worth trying while in the city is crab cake, and word has it they make the best crab cake in all of the US. While the restaurants here may not be on par with those you can find in the larger cities across the country, they are still quite good and the food they serve is extremely palatable.

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