See the Old and New Blended Together in Warsaw

The city of Warsaw was chosen as the capital of Poland in 1596 which spurred rapid growth in the city, changing its image significantly. Despite the fact that Warsaw has experienced many uprisings since its establishment and the Nazis destroyed it during the Second World War, there are still many interesting places in the city to visit.The weather is great from May to October due to the blend of the Mediterranean currents and east continental currents that flow into Poland from the west and south. But don’t forget to carry an umbrella even during summer, as the city experiences frequent summer rains. During winter, the days are relatively short, lasting an average of eight hours. Although the temperatures fall below zero degrees Celsius, the heavy snow provides a good opportunity for skiing.Many of the buildings that were destroyed have been reconstructed, producing some great architectural complexes. The city has several monuments that have made UNESCO recognize and include it among its World Heritage Sites.Whether you would like to see wonderful pieces of architecture, visit historical sites, tour scenic destinations or learn something from the museums, Warsaw has it all. The following are some places to visit.THE OLD TOWNAlthough the Old Town of Warsaw (located in the center of Warsaw) was almost completely destroyed during the Second World War, a lot of effort was put into reconstructing it from the remaining ruins. As it was in the past, Old Town is full of classic buildings complete with cobbled streets.Besides seeing the ancient buildings, you can enjoy traditional dishes in various restaurants found right within Old Town and visit many interesting and exciting places.St. John’s CathedralThe grand cathedral was constructed in the 1400s following a Gothic style of architecture. There are carefully carved tombs and pieces of religious art throughout.The Royal CastleThe castle was erected in the 1300’s in Baroque architectural style. The building now serves as a museum that houses pieces of historical furniture and special works of art. The Market SquareThe great buildings found here are used as traditional shops and cafes. You can travel via horse-drawn carriages during summer.THE NEW TOWNAlthough it is known as New Town, the site was actually established in the 1400s. Some of the places you can visit here include:The Citadel and Citadel MuseumThe Citadel, which was constructed in the 1700s, has been used in a variety of ways, including serving as a prison, fortress and museum. Solidarity AvenueThis is both the commercial and cultural center of Warsaw. The avenue provides a beautiful blend of the old and new.Other places of interest are The Warsaw Uprising Memorial, Lazienki Park and Tragutta Park.

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