Salzburg, the City of Mozart and Beautiful Palaces

Despite being on the smaller side in terms of dimensions and population, Salzburg is considered one of the most important cities in Europe. Travelers come here from all over the continent and other corners of the globes to enjoy the views, the history, and the many attractions the city has to offer.Salzburg translates to mean Salt Castle, and which is a reference to the fact that there are still many deposits of salt located nearby. The wealth of the population and of the city itself was built from these deposits during the medieval times. Salzburg also has a very interesting location near the borders of both Austria and Germany (the Bavarian region).The city is an incredible display of Romanesque and Baroque architecture. Given it is the place where Mozart was born it is also incredibly romantic with many landmarks celebrating the famous composer scattered across it. Whilein Salzburg, make sure to check out at least a few of the following attractions.The Salzburg Castle is a definite must see. It is believed that this beautiful castle, complete with white walls, is the best preserved castle in Europe. The marvelous building structure is impossible to miss as it stands tall and proud atop the Monchsberg rock. From wherever you stroll along the streets of Salzburg, you will be able to admire the castle by just raising your eyes. When you climb upt he rock that the castle sits on you will be impressed by the amazing city views it offers. There are quite a few organized tourist tours that will take you inside the castle which is close to reaching its one millennium mark.For a little bit of shopping, you should head to Getreidegasse, an area rich with many shops that lures visitors with top of the line products. Although the alley is still a tributary to the medieval times, the items you can buy here are the best and the most modern you can find. Be aware however that prices here are usually quite high.You should also make sure to visit the Mozart Square. It is here you will find an impressive statue of the famous composer that dominates the square. A fun fact about the statue is that while Mozart is depicted holding a pencil between its fingers, this is not historically accurate, as pencils had not yet been invented during his lifetime.Although quite fun to visit, the Mozart Square is not the largest in Salzburg. The biggest is Residenzplatz, where a famous baroque fountain can be viewed by anybody who strolls through the neighborhood. A very beautiful and interesting place in Salzburg is the Mirabell Gardens. The gardens surround a palace, but the building is only partially open for visitors while the gardens can be walked through repeatedly to your heart’s content.If you want to watch the city from above, you should climb the Kauzinerberg hill. Although the hill is quite tall ( 2087 feet), it is the best way to view the Stations of the Cross which are built down the sloping mountainside.

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