Quebec: The City of Natural History

Canada is a great vacation destination, especially if you know where the best spots to visit are located. Many US citizens choose Canada for their holidays for more reasons then just its close location across the border. There are many sites worth seeing in Canada, and Quebec is one city that has a lot to offer.In order to travel to Canada, you will need to obtain a passport. Whether you just need a passport for yourself, or you plan to travel with the entire family, you can employ the services of online agencies that can help you obtain the needed your passports. Make sure you have everything sorted out before leaving on vacation, to avoid problems at the border that can be caused by not taking care of all formalities ahead of time.Quebec is situated in Eastern Canada and is considered to be one of the best places to live around the globe. Many people come here to explore or see the sites by bike, so do not be surprised with the large amount of bicycles that you will encounter along the way. This is also considered to be a very romantic way to see the province, and a lot of couples choose Quebec for its romantic flare. Take a bicycle walk alongthe Route Verte, which is about 2500 miles, and enjoy the amazing scenery.Finding a place to stay in Quebec is easy, because the city offers plenty of accommodation options . An amazing site for people traveling from out of the city is Hotel de Glace which is made out of ice. The hotel is open only between January and March and it impresses tourists with its ice passageways and ice furniture which makes the entire place look like a fairytale.Old Quebec is a site that is protected by UNESCO, and attracts many tourists each year. The place is absolutely packed with museums and other cultural sites that will take you many days to see if you want to explore them thoroughly. This part of the city is also very tourist friendly because of its many fine restaurants, as well as many stores that make shopping here just the right type of therapy. While walking on its streets you will be able to take in the architecture and the beautiful gardens that embellish the city.There are many natural sites throughout Quebec that will leave a traveler breathless. The Biosphere Reserves are well known worldwide and they are also protected by UNESCO because of their uniqueness. Take the time to visit Nunavik which offers prehistoric lakes and a well known crater along with the highest mountain you can find in the entire province. There is also the Gaspesie National Park which offers plenty of caves and mines for tourists to explore.

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