Planning a Great Holiday in Luxembourg

Luxembourg is a well known city in Europe, and the amazing beauty of the landscape that surrounds it earned it the name of Gibraltar of the North. There are a few areas where you will certainly want to visit, and these are the Ville Gaute, where you can admire the old medieval way of living; Gare, for the train station; and the modern city in Kirchberg.The city is not very large so you will not necessarily need a car to get around. Most tourists that come here do not mind a bit of walking, but there are bus stations everywhere so you can get from one place to another in no time.The city of Luxembourg is rich in attractions and one of them is the Casemates Bock. Here you will find the underground fortifications of the city that were built here during the 18th century. The fortifications run underneath the city and were declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. Bock is the name of the rock that served as the founding place of the oldest castle in the region and it is also connected with the rest of the fortifications.Luxembourg has many natural attractions, and the Alzette River is one of them. While the water course is not very large, its valley is quite impressive and the landscape looks really beautiful. The locals call this place the Grund, and you will also get to see a fortress here that goes around the valley protecting it. Don”t forget to pay a visit to the Neumunster cathedral where a cultural center is housed.The old part of Luxembourg is very attractive. Here, you can learn about the past of the city just by looking at the buildings. Wednesdays and Saturdays are the days of the week when a local market is organized on Place Guillaume, so you may not want to miss it. The plaza is guarded by a large statue representing William II of Netherlands. The area around the Town Hall is always populated with trendy cafes and summers are always great pretexts for live concerts.Another important landmark in Luxembourg is the Grand Ducal Palace where the Parliament is being located. You should not miss visiting the Notre Dame Cathedral, which is about three centuries old. In close proximity of the cathedral, you will see Gelle Fra, which is a golden statue representing a woman with a wreath in her hands. A Second World War cemetery is also located in Luxembourg and is often visited by those wanting to learn more about the sacrifice of the American soldiers that fought and died here.A very important fair that takes place yearly in Luxembourg, during the months of August and September, is called Schueberfouer. You will have great opportunities to have fun as there are plenty of rides open for visitors, as well as many places where you can sip a drink or eat a delicious meal.

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