Outdoor Activities in Yellowstone National Park

There are many places one can visit within the United States, but Yellowstone National Park is a must see attraction. During the ancient times, the area was covered by a glacier, but as the weather grew warmer more vegetation appeared making the present day park be a true heaven for wildlife. The beauty of the places attracted many and in 1872 the park was founded, under the order of President Ulysses S. Grant.Because of its natural provenience the park is rich in natural pools and amazing geysers. If you want to visit the most popular one head to Old Faithful which will not disappoint you since it is one of the most explosive geysers in the entire park. What should also impress you is the vibrant color of the water, which is amazing because just under the water at a great depth, there is a dormant volcano.The bright colors of the waters are an attraction in themselves and many travel to Yellowstone just to take in the breathtaking views. The sulfur in the water influences the color a great deal, and they the result of activity that takes place deep inside the granite rock. Wildlife is very scattered here since the Rocky Mountains is part of the park’s natural home. Take your camera with you when you go to Yellowstone as you never know when you will be able to see a bison, bear, or cougar. Wolves in Yellowstone were once threatened with extinction, but organizations fighting for preservation of the environment got involved in repopulating the forests of the park with new specimens. Most of them were brought from Canada and placed into the park, and it seems that the program is a great success since the population of wolves living has increased.Yellowstone is a wild place, which should be taken into consideration when you travel to the park. Tourists are strongly advised to stay on trails that are especially designed for them and always listen to the recommendations issued by the rangers. Never feed any of the wild animals living here since they may bite or attack you. Families with children are advised to keep their young ones next to them always under direct supervision to avoid accidents.The winters can be quite harsh, which is why the park is closed for visitors during winter months. During the rest of the year, you can come head to the Park for a little hiking, horseback riding, or river rafting. These are just a few of the many outdoor activities you can enjoy while you are at Yellowstone National Park, so you should explore the park grounds on your own to see how many amazing surprises it holds.

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