Must See Places in Krakow

If you are passionate about Gothic architecture or the Renaissance era in culture and history, Krakow is the place to visit, because of its long history and greatly preserved historical buildings.When you travel to Krakow one of the places that should be on your must see list is the Wawel Royal Castle. Be aware of the fact that the complex is separated into five different parts which means you will need to pay a separate admission fee for each. The reason why the castle was separated in this fashion is due to the fact that each portion represents a different era. Old ceramic tiles, once part of the stoves used for cooking at the castle, are now exhibited in the central courtyard. Here, you can also admire models of old churches. Other must see places include the Remuh Cemetery, as well as the New Jewish cemetery. The presence of the Jewish community is very strong in Krakow and the Remuh Synagogue is living proof, along with Kazimierz where many Jewish residents still reside. The community has a long history as old as the city itself trailing back to the 16th century. Another place you should visit while in Krakow is the Benedictine Abbey. The monastery is very old, and the churchhas a turbulent history, as it has been completely rebuilt two times. A tour of Krakow churches should include the Church of St. Aldalbert which is considered the oldest worship place in the historical city center. Not far away you will find Rynek Glowny, a large market square which is considered to be the most important square in Poland. Koscuiszko, the famous Polish citizen that helped achieve Poland’s independence is honored here at the Koscuiszko Mound, another must see monument in Krakow. You can climb to the top of the mound and see a very unique view of the city.Modern attractions are also readily available throughout the city. The plaza mall is home to Fantasy Park, where you bowl, play pool, play video games, or hang out in the web caf”. The city also has a great water park, Park Wodny, where plenty of entertainment is offered via its Jacuzzis, pools, and saunas.The weather is usually pleasant in Krakow if you choose to travel during the spring season. The climate is temperate and therefore all four seasons are mild enough for touring the city.Buses and trams in Krakow run from 5am to 11pm. You can travel around the city easily, the only thing you need to know is that tickets are available from the street kiosks. Remember that you need to validate each ticket once you embark on the public transportation system. During the night, you can also travel through the city on night buses, but the tickets are a little more expensive. If you book accommodation in the center of Krakow, there will be little need to travel by bus, as all attractions are situated within walking distance.

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