Most Important Attractions to See in Bucharest

Bucharest is the capital city of Romania and one of the biggest cities located in Southeastern Europe. This is also a very important commercial hub, and is the most developed city in the entire country.There are many places to visit in Bucharest, but the best suggestion is to start with visiting the Parliament Palace which is located in the heart of the city. This is one of the largest urban buildings on the planet (only the US Pentagon is larger than this one), and it used to be called People’s House. It was erected during the communist era when the former dictator, Nicolae Ceausescu, wanted to build a very impressive construction. And impressive it is, with over three thousand rooms and twelve stories.The area around the People’s House was also completely reconstructed and was meant to be one of the largest projects of the former dictator. Tours are organized daily, and a guide takes you through the marble rooms until you reach the famous balcony, from where you can admire the large boulevard that was reconstructed along with building the impressive palace. Besides a tour of the Parliament Palace, you will need to take a walk around the old center of the city. A part of the historical center was not demolished under Nicolae Ceausescu, which is why you can still admire the 19th century constructions, the old churches and other buildings that are now used by banks, luxury hotels, fancy restaurants and designers” shops. The streets are paved with cobblestone and just walking on them will take you back in time. Unfortunately, the area was not too well preserved and new revamping activities are currently taking place.A very important landmark in Bucharest is the Revolution Square. This is the place where the historic Romanian Revolution from 1989 started. Here, Ceausescu gave his last speech before running away and people started revolting. Some of the participants of the revolution died in the events, and a monument erected in the square honors their memory.You should also see the Arc of Triumph, which commemorates the victory of the military troops during the First World War. There are many museums you can visit in Bucharest, such as the Village Museum, where you can admire hundreds of traditional houses, churches, mills and workshops, along with all the items used by people living the traditional life in Romania. These buildings were brought here from different corners of the country to illustrate the variety of the many regions in Romania.Another museum worth visiting is the National Museum of Contemporary Art housed inside the Parliament Palace in a wing that used to be the private residence of the former dictator. New exhibits are brought here all the time. Once, but not so long ago, Romania was ruled by royal blood and some of their belongings are showcased at Cotroceni Palace Museum, a building Romanian presidents also use to rule the country.

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