Montreal During the Night: Where to Go?

Montreal is famous for its nightclubs and any tourist that wants to spend a night on the town should take the chance to dance till morning or enjoy nightly entertainment in one of the many nightlife hotspots of the Canadian city. There are even special offers for travelers including admission tickets for the best nightclubs.If you are interested in experiencing some fine dining options, then you should visit one of the many supper clubs located in Montreal. Besides offering palatable meals in an exquisite environment, you will have the chance to rub elbows with celebrities and party all night with a various crowd. The top clubs you should be aware of are the Globe, Buona Notte, and MED Bar. There is a catch, though. You will have to squeeze yourself on the guest list of some of these famous clubs, in order to enjoy the celebrity lifestyle at its best. Certainly, there is always the alternative of waiting in lines to be accepted although it is not a guarantee you will get inside.Dancing is one of the favorite pastimes of locals and travelers, which is why most dance clubs open their gates every night to let the excited crowd inside. You may even get the chance to meet well known DJs that are touring Montreal nightclubs on a regular basis. If you like hip hop music, you should try getting inside the Circus and Red Lite, which are the most famous dance clubs that offer this type of music on a regular basis.Nightclubs in Montreal are the current rage and they are scattered throughout many neighborhoods, such as the Latin Quarter, Saint Laurent, or Crescent. Fans of the “80s should not miss a night out in Electric Avenue, a nightclub well known for catering to a not so young crowd. For a mix of musical genres, Tokyo Bar is the place to be. Hip hop, rhythm and blues, techno, and many other genres are played all night long. Also, for a night on the town that includes an exquisite meal doubled by equally exquisite entertainment, Modavie is the right place, as it offers Mediterranean cuisine while jazz music performers enchant the guests.Many tourists prefer live performances, and Montreal also delivers in this respect. Head for Metropolis, located on Ste Catherine and enjoy the nightly entertainment. This hot spot has been around for more than one hundred years and it was known back in the days as a place catering to adult entertainment. Nowadays, people head to the area to listen to Coldplay, or other famous artists such as David Bowie.Bars cannot be missed while in Montreal. They are a large part of the city nightlife, and these watering holes are appreciated by tourists and locals alike. English pubs are a fixture, while other bars, such as Au Diable Vert cater to a more pretentious clientele.Gambling is another option for nightly entertainment in Montreal. You can visit the local casino, which offers many types of games such as roulette, poker, dice, and, of course down to earth slot machines.For the casual traveler, a lounge bar may be just the right way to relax. One of the most popular lounge bars is the Whiskey caf” where many young executives come to hang out after long work hours.

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