Marvelous Places to Visit in Florence

One of the most famous tourist destinations in Italy and is the town of Florence. Surrounded by one of the greatest rural landscape in the world and home to many historical landmarks, Florence attracts millions of tourists each year. A visit to Florence is a visit back in time to the beginning of the Renaissance. This was where some of the greatest minds of the era started to create the art, science and cultural wonders that eventually led to the end of what is known today as the Dark Age. A walk through the city will eventually get you on the shores of the Arno River. Stop a little from your journeys and admire the calm waters, the bridges and the buildings from across the river. On a day without wind the water seems to stay still making it one of the best photography spots in the world. Get your camera ready and capture the beauty of this marvelous sight. When you are finished capturing the still waters of the Arno Riveron on film, you should visit the famous cultural Uffizi Gallery. This impressive art museum is home to a large number of art collections. Priceless paintings from a number of world class artists are exhibited here. The gallery contains works by Michelangelo, Leonardo da Vinci, Raphael, and countless other famous artists. This is a place you should definitely not miss.A visit to the Piazza Santo Spirito offers the perfect opportunity to experience the local way of life and enjoy a souvenir shopping trip. Here you will find everything from dried fruits to the hand crafted items to antiques. Make your way down to the market and start bartering for the perfect souvenir or gift for the loved ones back home to get the most out of Florence.When walking along the history filled streets of Florence you will encounter plenty of musicians and street performers. Take a moment and enjoy the beautiful songs and dance shows on display and remember that this is the city of cultural freedom where the joy of dancing, signing, painting and sculpting created the rebirth of the entire continent during the time of the Renaissance.The city is filled with famous palaces and villas. In the center of Florence is the Palazzo Vecchio, the city’s town hall, and one of the most visited art museums. Nearby, you will see the Palazzo Medici Riccardi, one of the many palaces of the Medici family, and not far away it is the Palazzo Spini Feroni, a splendid 13 century private palace. The city also has a huge number of villas, each more beautiful than the last complimented with great gardens and statues built by famous architects.Take plenty of time for your visit to Florence and attempt to see each building, gallery, and exposition as the memory of this trip will stay with you forever.

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