Making Travel Plans for Vancouver

While Toronto is the most expensive city in Canada, Vancouver can easily be pegged as the second one. Still cheaper than most popular Asian and European tourist cities and with a better travel and tourist value then San Francisco or even New York; Vancouver trips still require careful planning to avoid choosing overpriced accommodation and excessive spending.Start your plan by taking a good look at the US and Canadian dollar parity. A strong US dollar gives you a great boost, while a strong Canadian dollar will eat up your money faster. Even so, most of the prices for items in Vancouver are affordable by US standards.Do not forget to plan when it comes to buying flight tickets. Look for discounts using the Internet and try to score the best deals while keeping flight expenses as low as possible. The next step is to look for accommodation, as they tend to be the most expensive part of your trip. You can manage to save money even if you stay in a downtown hotel, as you can save a great deal of money on travel and food expenses.Try to plan your trip off season as the prices can drop quite a lot during the winter season. As always, keep an eye out for deals, discounts and promotions. Make the most of the extra season competition and check out more hotels for low prices and last minute discounts.Keep in mind that you must add service and tax fees to the cost of a guest room before booking it. Outside of fast food outlets, you can eat in Vancouver for about 30 US dollars a day, but make sure to have at least $40-50 at your disposal, as this is a more realistic figure.The morning coffee and muffin from one of the many coffee shops will cost you about $7, or you can buy some sushi from an eastern restaurant for less than $10. A good dinner jumps to around $15 or more and you will have to avoid alcohol as much as possible because prices are quite high in Vancouver.Using the public transport system can save you a lot of money. Transit tickets can be used to cover all travel with transport routes all around the city. For longer trips use a FareSaver ticket.Riding in a taxi can cost $15 for a small downtown trip under light traffic conditions. Expect the price to double when riding through heavy traffic.Gas prices are quite expensive compared with the rest of Canada, but still fairly cheap compared to European rates. For the United States traveler the gas prices are 25% more, fluctuating along with the international oil rates.Cinema, museum and gallery prices are relatively affordable ranging from $9 to $15 for each admission ticket.A smart and relatively cheap way to travel while in Vancouver is to rent a bike or inline skates. Sunset Beach, Stanley Park and Jericho Beach are best known for offering rental services. Renting a bike can cost you up around $40 to $80 a day.When in Canada a 12% BC sales tax is in place for all services and goods; also keep in mind that the accepted tip rate is about 15% for bars, taxis and restaurant services.

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