Los Angeles – A Great Tourist Destination

Almost everyone will enjoy taking a vacation in Los Angeles. There are plenty of activities that will keep you busy throughout your stay. If you are from a non-coastal region then you are sure to enjoy the breath-taking beaches. Another one of the things that Los Angeles is well known for is Hollywood, and interestingly, one of the greatest attractions in the town is the Hollywood sign. There are a plethora of water and amusement parks where you can enjoy a great time. Some of the most popular include Hurricane Harbor, Universal Studios, Griffith Park, Six Flags Magic Mountain, Knott’s Berry Farm, Raging Waters, Los Angeles Zoo, and of course Disneyland. If you enjoy films, Los Angeles offers the chance to see some of your favorite actors and actresses in action since you can watch television shows get recorded. You may even get the chance to take part in the numerous commercials and television shows, as there is often need for background extras during taping! You do not need any experience to take part. If you enjoy sports, particularly basketball, the city is home to Los Angeles Lakers. Although Magic Johnson has long since retired from professional games, his presence is very much felt here. You can also visit the Dodger Stadium where the Los Angeles Dodgers play. One of the most notable things to try here is the Dodger Dog.The Los Angeles Coliseum is an historic sports site, which is a famous venue dating as far back as 1932. It still features the Olympic Torch from the 1984 summer Olympics. From here, you will be within walking distance of a few more special sites, such as some museums and the California Science Center. The 405 San Diego Freeway is often described as the largest parking lot in the world because of the bumper-to-bumper traffic. When you finally wade through the traffic spend some time at the J. Paul Getty Museum before proceeding to the valley. Whether you would like to fit in some fishing or just watch people in action, take some time to head over to the Fisherman’s Village overlooking the Pacific Ocean. There are food and drinks galore here, and you can even purchase some gifts from the gift shops. If you enjoy riding, then you can hire a bike by the beach and take the Bike Path to see the full coastline. One thing that should not take you by surprise in Los Angeles is the siren sound of police cars. The police usually chase suspects to ensure that the city remains safe, and if you see a helicopter then it is most likely reporters tracking the chase from a safe distance. Do you love shopping? Los Angeles has almost anything you may be interested in. The shopping malls stock all kinds of items. Of course what you want to buy will determine where you do your shopping. It is better to rent a car when you visit Los Angeles, as the public transport is not very reliable.

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