London City – An Overview

London is one of the greatest cities in the world and has many landmark features. London is quite a metropolitan, cultural city, with residents from every nationality living in the area. The total population of London includes 14 million people. Although the residents are not known for having open arms towards foreigners, about 30% of its population is composed of people born outside the United Kingdom. Although the population belies the original attitude, the city is a great business hub and this calls for tolerance. London’s rich history is interspersed with a number of tragedies, including plagues, serious fires, civil war, and terrorist attacks. In all instances, the city has weathered the storms and returned to its feet with a quiet dignity. The city has 32 different burrows that have been grouped into several districts. For this reason, authorities are not always clear-cut. If you have never been to London, you may just be confused by such designations as Greater London, Inner London, and Central London. The City of London comprises about one square mile within the Greater London. Even some residents need to use maps to be on the safe side!London has one large port and five international airports, including the famous Heathrow International Airport, which sees the most traffic of any airport throughout the world. If you love shopping, there are many places to shop in London. These range from relatively small markets to very large department stores. The city also has many special tourist destinations. If you love entertainment, there are dozens of live music arenas and clubs. In addition, there are numerous historic sites to see. The most common method of traveling around London is by bus. However, you can also take in panoramic views by riding the London Eye, the city’s famous giant Ferris wheel. This is a good way to catch an expansive view of the River Thames. From the top of the wheel, you can see as many as 55 popular landmarks. This is a good way to plan your tour itinerary. There are many different types of museums offering inexpensive admission. If you love classic paintings, visit the National Gallery. Here, you can also enjoy great views from the rooftop restaurant. If you are interested in historical portraits, the National Portrait Gallery is for you. The Royal Academy of the Arts is known for its special summer exhibitions. These exhibitions have been held from as far back as 1768. Other special museums are Tate Modern Galleries and Tate Britain.Other special landmarks in London include:Buckingham PalaceThe Tower of LondonTower BridgeThe Royal Albert HallSt Paul’s CathedralWith so much to do and so many wonderful places to see, you are sure to have an enjoyable experience on your fabulous London vacation.

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