Interesting Tourist Attractions in Oslo

Oslo, the most prominent city in Norway, is home to only half a million people but it houses more attractions for travelers than most would think. Outside of a wide array of museums, the city also exhibits great Scandinavian architecture.Here are a few of the most interesting attractions in the capital of Norway, which you should not miss if you travel to Oslo.The Opera House is one of the newest additions to the city’s cultural life and is made of thousands of white marble slabs, costing around 700 million dollars. The architecture is unique and resembles a Norwegian fjord, marked by slabs that resemble a ski slope. Here you can attend concerts and ballet shows.Many winter sports enthusiasts travel to Oslo yearly to visit the Holmenkollen, which is a one of a kind ski jump arena. The building was erected during the last few years of the 19th century, but was modernized half a century later to house events for the Winter Olympic Games. If you do not want to try out the impressive ski tower you can still spend some time in the ski museum, which is also housed here.A visit to Oslo should also include a visit to the Vigeland Park where the works of famous sculptor Gustav Vigeland are on exhibit. If you are not tired after strolling through the park, you should complete your experience with a visit to the museum dedicated to the artist situated across from this city landmark.Oseberg Viking Ship Museum is the place to visit if you want to see preserved Viking ships. Historians say the ships have more than one millennium resting on their shoulders, but they were discovered recently during the 19th century, in Oseberg.Do not leave Oslo before paying a visit to the Museum of Art. Here you can admire the famous masterpiece, Skrik (The Scream), signed by the Norwegian painter Edvard Munch. Other exhibits may also catch your eye and deserve a look since admittance to the Museum of Art is free.While in Oslo travel to the Akershus Castle. The building was built during the 14th century, when it served as a residence for King Hakon V. The structure has been transformed over time with the most important restructuring taking place in the 17th century after a fire devastated the city. The castle opens its gates for visitors only during summer, but guided tours can be booked in advance during the off season. It is best to plan ahead of time, to secure a tour before you visit Oslo.The City Hall in Oslo is famous for as the location where the Nobel Peace Prize is handed to its respective winner every year. While the other Nobel Prizes are awarded in Sweden, this is the only one to be awarded outside the Scandinavian country.Oslo has many other interesting sites for visitors. Depending on how much time you intend to spend there, you have a wide array of possibilities, so try to explore as many as you can!

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