Important Milan Sites

There are several great sites that you can visit during your tour of Milan. Located in Northern Italy, Milan is a city that has inspired some of the greatest artists in the world. Michelangelo, Raphael and Leonardo di Vinci polished their craft in this city as did many other important artists. The city has several historical sites that you should include in your itinerary.Santa Maria della GrazieThe controversial book, The Di Vinci Code, sparked a lot of interest in this place, which is the site where Jesus Christ took the Last Supper with his disciples. Since only fifteen people can view the scene simultaneously, expect to wait awhile before it’s your turn. Before departing for your trip, make reservations at Santa Maria della Grazie; the wait time can take up to a month.Castello SforzescoCastello Sforzesco houses some of Leonardo di Vinci’s greatest masterpieces. Michelangelo last work, which he did not complete, is also located here. The Rondanini Pieta provides a deep insight into Michelangelo’s technique. The Castello Sforzesco used to be a castle during the middle ages but has since been converted into a museum for various types of art. Some of the items housed here include weapons, armor, textiles, art, as well as various items that were used daily during the middle-ages. Due to the many different museums at the Castello Sforzesco, it takes about half a day to tour all of them.Galleria Vittorio EmanueleThis is an attractive gallery of shops that dates back to the 1800’s. Apart from the stunning displays, it provides a special shopping experience even on Sundays, when many shops are closed. This is a great place whether you want to do some shopping or just spend some time looking around.Piazza del DuomoThe construction of this unique Gothic church took about 500 years, which in itself makes it special. The exterior of the white marble church is composed of more than 135 spires and 3,400 individual statues. A gilded Madonna stands at the top of the Piazza del Duomo, making it the highest structure in the city. The top of the church provides some of the most spectacular views of the city.If you love ballet or opera, then don’t forget to visit la Scalia, which is also at the Piazza del Duomo. The la Scalia museum nearby, housing paintings and costumes of artists who have played at the la Scalia.The subway system, which operates from six in the morning to midnight, makes it very easy to get around Milan.

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