Important Facts About Athen’s Hotels

If you would like to travel to Athens city, you should be aware of some of the things to expect in regard to its hotels and reservation policy. This is especially important when you want to make your reservation over the Internet. The travel agency or organizer is solely responsible for its clients. If you buy a travel package from a travel agency, it will be responsible for everything, even if the agency does not provide some of the services directly. So, if you find that the collaborating hotel you booked does not have some of the amenities you wanted, it will not be the mistake of the hotel but the travel agency. You should therefore take time to find out what you are getting into before you make an online reservation.If you want to make a reservation for either an apartment or hotel room, you should preferably contact the management directly by phone, fax, telegraph or email. If the hotel is able to accept the reservation, then you will most likely hear from them within three days. The owners or management are required to issue a written acceptance of their clients’ reservations, which they may communicate by fax, telegraph or email. When the owners accept the reservation, they can usually ask for an advance payment, which is usually 25% of the total price. The deposit you are required to pay should not be less than what is required for one day’s stay. After receiving a written acceptance from the owner and paying the agreed deposit, the reservation is deemed to be complete.Although you can cancel a reservation you had made, you are required to compensate the owner. As a general rule, you will need to pay 50% of the agreed price for the period you have not used the booked room or apartment. However, if you let the owner know of the cancellation at least 21 days prior to the reservation date, you will not need to pay the compensation fee and the owner will need to refund the deposit paid. This means that any reservation that is canceled at least 21 days prior to the date of reservation is eligible for a complete refund. The renting of any hotel room or apartment in Athens is considered to be for one day unless there is a prior agreement between the owner and client. If you find that a place is relatively cheap, you will need to make prior arrangements with the owner. Do not assume that the fact that you stayed there overnight guarantees you the room again. If you want to dissolve your lease agreement without incurring any additional charges, then you should vacate the room not later than twelve noon. If you stay past twelve noon and depart before six in the evening, you will have to pay a half day’s rent. If you stay beyond six in the evening, you will be required to pay a full day’s rent. However, do not expect to pay less when you arrive late on the reservation date.


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