Having a Great Vacation Time at Airlie Beach

Airlie Beach represents a wonderful place to be while on vacation. You only need to travel there, check into the accommodation of your choice and then relax on the beautiful beach. The town, although small, is very lively. It is located in Whitsunday, Queensland, and has only a few thousand inhabitants. From here, you can go on trips to the Great Barrier Reef. You can get there by boat, if a two or three hour ride is not that much of a hassle for you.The climate in Airlie Beach is tropical, which means that the summer month are humid and hot, with high temperatures that never seem to drop under 25 degrees Celsius. The nights are also warm during the summer, which makes for a perfect climate while on holidays. The winters are not as humid, but the temperatures can be quite warm; still, they can get lower, depending on the atmospheric fronts brought by the air movements in the area.Backpackers love this location and Airlie Beach is quite a popular spot among them. The sea can get quite crowded with jellyfish that love to sting, especially from November to May, which means that you should cut swimming off the list. If you still want to swim a little, there is no better way to do that than by using the artificial lagoon made on the shore. The location of the town is truly picturesque. Situated on a peninsula that allows you to travel forth towards the Whitsunday waters, the town of Airlie Beach is ideal for getting involved in many activities on the islands that exists nearby, or even on the mainland, if this is your choice.Among the greatest activities that you can get involved in here, the Crocodile Safari is the most exciting. It will take you an entire day, so make sure to have everything prepared. You will be taken to the wild areas of the peninsula. First, you will get on a train drawn by a tractor that will take all passengers to Goorganga Wetlands. After you get off the train, you will get on a boat and engage on a trip on Prosperpine River where you will be able to spot the crocodiles as this is what this safari is all about.Other wildlife awaits to be explored as well. There are also other things that you will experience while on this trip. Try the ethnic food made with flowers, herbs, insects, birds, spices and even reptiles. If you have the stomach, that is! If not, passengers are offered a palatable meal including barbecue and seafood.Diving is also very popular in this area. Diving trips include the viewing of SS Yongala, which is an old wreck found under the waters. The Great Barrier Reef is next on your list. You will be instructed on the basics, if you are a beginner diver.Many consider diving to be great here because of the water temperature and the great visibility. Take a dive and see what the underwater world has to offer.

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