Great Cheap Attractions in Los Angeles

Everyone knows Los Angeles, due to its famous locations such as Beverly Hills and Rodeo Drive, but not everything in the City of Angels costs “loads of cash”. Here are some ideas on how to spend little money while visiting some really great attractions in Los Angeles.Go to the GettyOne place to visit is the Getty. The well known gallery is now composed of two separate galleries, where all the works deposited are exhibited for the traveler in search of artsy delights.One collection you may be interested in seeing while visiting the Getty, is the collection of Western art dating as far back in history as the Middle Ages. This collection is a tourist favorite.The other portion of the famous gallery is dedicated to the Getty Villa in Malibu. Here people that are passionate about the art of Antiquity can see works related to ancient Rome, Greece, or Etruria and find a real treat. This portion is located in a Roman villa, beautifully adorned with great looking gardens.You will not have to pay a dime for admission to the Getty, but be aware that there is a charge for parking your car.Visit Santa Monica PierThere is plenty of entertainment to be found on the Santa Monica pier. While admission to the site is free, you may be tempted to dig into your pockets in order to pay for entrance to amusement parks or to buy souvenirs from quaint vendor carts. If you want to grab a bite there are plenty of restaurants many situated along the pier. The main attraction of the pier is a carousel that features hand painted horses that you can ride, whether you are alone or with your family.The appeal of Knott’s Berry FarmsChildren especially will be excited about having a chicken dinner within Knott’s Berry Farms. Families are always welcome as kids are particularly entertained by the theme park that was built around the diner. Buttermilk biscuits, boysenberry pie, and mashed veggies are among the palatable dishes included on the menu.Use the DashYou can bring your own car while on a trip to Los Angeles, or you can rent one so you can move around freely. If you are flying in and looking to save money you can use the local transit. Named the Dash, this service is extremely cheap as the most expensive fare for an adult person is only $0.25. Discounts are also offered, so it is worth checking the transportation services in the city.Take a walk on the Walk of FameThe Walk of Fame stretches from Hollywood Boulevard to Vine and it features the imprints of many celebrities, dead and alive. If you travel to Los Angeles, do not miss taking a walk on the Walk of Fame; located by the Grauman’s Chinese Theater where you will find the imprints of Marilyn Monroe and many other stars. Also, this is the best place to sneak a peak of your favorite actors, as movie premieres are held all the time.

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