Experiencing History in Sarajevo

Sarajevo is a very interesting city, and not only because it is the capital city of Bosnia and Herzegovina. Located in a valley, the city still includes parts of Republika Srpska, which makes for quite a convoluted explanation of the area status.Sarajevo played a major role in the history of Europe. This is where the old Roman Empires, the Western and the Eastern split. Because of this divide, the city was home to Roman Catholics, Eastern Orthodox and later Ottoman. The city is a result of mixed cultures, which makes it quite unique. Here, the different civilizations clashed and warred, but nowadays, Sarajevo is a city of hope for rebuilding what was lost and a militant city for tolerance.The Yugoslav War left many traces, but the city is quickly recovering. Sarajevo is a great place to visit in the heart of Eastern Europe. Although there are many different people here, such as Serbs, Croats or Bosniaks, they are all very friendly towards tourists. If you want to get started on the right foot during your visit in Sarajevo, the best way to start is to acquire the free brochure named “A day in Sarajevo”, where you will read about all the important spots for tourists to see inside the city.One cannot go to Sarajevo without seeing the old town. Here, you can stroll the stone paved street and watch the mosques, as well as the Oriental shops. You will be able to hear on these streets the call for praying, which is something specific to Middle East. Don”t be surprised to see so many religious buildings of different rites in the same place. You can see a Catholic church next to an Orthodox one or a synagogue or a mosque. The Latin Bridge is an important landmark in Sarajevo. This is the place where a student assassinated Franz Ferdinand, who was about to take the throne of the Austrian Hungarian Empire on June 28th, 1914. This was the day of the official beginning of World War I and is considered to be the pretext that led to the events that followed. Sarajevo has a great location and, if you want to enjoy the views of the city, there is no better way to do it than by climbing on the surrounding hills. This is a great opportunity to stretch your muscles a bit, but be aware of the unexploded mines remaining here from the war. It is best to walk on the paved roads without venturing into the fields or walking on the grass. Don”t forget to pay a visit to the Markale Market where a bombing killed forty people during the war. Then the NATO intervention started and the fate of the war was changed. The people still remember the bombings and that this was the event that triggered the international response that, eventually, led to the end of the war and the start of a new life for the people of Sarajevo.

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