Enjoying History and Tradition in Edinburgh

Edinburgh may not be on par with other famous European cities such as London or Paris, but it is still a great tourist destination. Travelers with a knack for history will love to see the Old Town of Edinburgh that still constitutes the center of the well known Scotland city.Taking a stroll on the old streets of Edinburgh will take you back in time. The place is fully packed with historical buildings, each one with its own personal story that if you care to listen will have you enthralled for hours. One of the main points of attraction in Edinburgh is the Edinburgh Castle, situated atop a high hill still overseeing the city. If you walk along the Royal Mile you will see numerous attractions such as Holyrood Palace and the John Knox House, a picturesque weaving store where kilts are still made, and the building of the Scottish Parliament.The center of the city can be reached via Waverley Station. If this is your starting point when visiting Edinburgh you will not regret it. You will find yourself in the middle of the tourist action and able to start your travel experience in Edinburgh right away. Here there are plenty of hotels and banks, as well as stores that you will surely want to spend your time and money at. The shopping area stretches down Princes Street, and if you are looking forward to a little bit of relaxation, the Princes Street Gardens are located not far away serving as a green heaven directly in the middle of the city. From there, you can embark on an open top bus and go sightseeing in this original manner.Visiting the city on foot is also a great way to take in the sights. You will be delighted by street artists blowing their bagpipes, singing traditional Scottish songs, and a walk into a pub will leave you in the middle of a ceilidh, which is the term to describe the local social gatherings which are seasoned with plenty of dancing and traditional Gaelic music. Also, you can visit the museums and various art galleries that are scattered throughout the center of the city. If you reach the Edinburgh Zoo, you will be able to see the first zoo to bred penguins and display them to the general public.A major event in Edinburgh is the Edinburgh Festival held yearly. The festival spans over a month from the beginning of August till the end of the month. Many events take place under the umbrella of the famous festival, and their diversity is what attracts most visitors towards this particular festival. There are also many other cultural events that you can attend while in Edinburgh, such as festivals dedicated to performing arts or festivals that include the original performance of military bands. The international book festival is also held annually in Edinburgh.

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