Enjoy Edinburgh City!

Edinburgh, the capital and second-largest city in Scotland, is located in the south eastern part of the country on the east coast of the Central Belt. The city offers fun activities for both adults and children. These include castles, museums, the Palace of Holyroodhouse, Holyrood Park, the zoo, the Royal Botanic Garden and Calton hill.Edinburgh CastleEdinburgh Castle, which used to house and protect Scotland Kings, provides a fantastic view of the city. Inside the castle, you are able to visit several rooms, including one where Mary, the Queen of Scots, gave birth to the Scottish King, James VI.Other places of interest in the castle include the Crown Room, St. Margaret’s Chapel (which has survived for nine centuries) and the country’s National War Museum. One famous artefact housed in the museum is the ‘One O’clock” gun that is fired at exactly 1:00 pm every day apart from Sundays, Good Friday and Christmas Day. Many people rely on this gun to set their clocks and watches!MuseumsBesides the National War Museum, Edinburgh has the Museum of Scotland and the Royal Museum. The Royal Museum, where you will find several international collections housed in 36 galleries, has beautiful, luscious fountains and ponds that adorn the Main Hall. The museum is also used to hosts special events, including music concerts.The Museum of Scotland will take you through the country’s history as it houses some of the most treasured national artefacts of Scotland. Special events, such as family events, are also hosted at the museum.The Palace of HolyroodhouseThe official palace of the Queen of Scotland, the Palace of Holyroodhouse, is found at the end of the Royal Mile road. This mile long road connects the palace with Edinburgh Castle. The palace, which was constructed in the twelfth century, was Queen Mary’s primary residence.Holyrood ParkHolyrood Park is a national park located east of Edinburgh Castle. Arthur’s Seat, which is the highest point of Holyrood Park, is an extinct volcano within the 600 acre park. Once atop of the hill, it provides an excellent view of the city.Edinburgh ZooThe Edinburgh Zoo, which opened back in 1913, is home to more than 1,500 animals, among which are endangered species. It takes only ten minutes to reach the zoo from downtown Edinburgh.The Royal Botanic GardenThe Royal Botanic Garden was established in 1670 and is one of the world’s most extensive gardens. It was initially meant for growing medicinal plants but now houses a plethora of plants.Calton HillCalton Hill, which is located in the heart of Old Town, Edinburgh, provides panoramic views of the city. An unfinished monument that was intended to resemble the Parthenon in Athens sits atop of the hill.

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