Enjoy Barcelona

When you mention the name Barcelona, many people will automatically think of soccer. However, you will discover that there are very many other things for which this great city is known. The city of Barcelona is captivating, cultural and exciting. Because of its strategic location on the border of France and the Mediterranean, Barcelona is a special commercial and industrial hub. This one city is responsible for over 25% of Spain’s GDP.There are many special tourist attractions in Barcelona, ranging from the stretch of 4.5 km of beaches to Gothic buildings. The city has many breathtaking scenes, both natural and man-made. You will have the opportunity to see many historical monuments, contemporary museums, and other wonderful attractions. Of course it is difficult to enjoy all these scenes on an empty stomach, so Barcelona has you covered with its offerings of many fine restaurants serving exquisite Spanish cuisine. The choices of transportation around Barcelona makes vacationing and seeing the sites particularly easy. Travel by taxi, tram, metro, bus, or train. Barcelona is located along the beautifully appealing Mediterranean Ocean. You can relax on the clean beaches as you enjoy the sun, breeze, and crystal clear water. If you enjoy hiking, try a climb up the Collserola and Tibidabo mountains, where you can enjoy a spectacular view of the city. Walk through the Park Guell, and explore Montjuic Hill, home to such attractions as the Magic Fountain, the 18th century Castell de Montjuic, and a charming Spanish village. Barcelona’s long history dates back to the 15th century BC. It boasts of two official languages – Catalan and Spanish. However, Catalan, which was the main language spoken up to the beginning of the 1700s, has taken an upper hand. It is not just the Catalan language that is still evident, but also its rich culture.Take in the architectural beauty of some of Spain’s earliest buildings, such as Place de Sant Jaume and Barri Gothic. Many buildings are designed in either Gothic or Art Nouveau styles. Barcelona’s museums that do not just house historical items, but are also historical masterpieces themselves. Is art your passion? Visit the Museu Picasso and the Gaudi Museums, where you can enrich yourself with the world famous paintings of Pablo Picasso and Antoni Gaudi. Other interesting places include the site of the 1996 Summer Olympic games, Sagrada Familia, the Barri G”tic, and La Rambla. With so much to see and do, Barcelona is sure to captivate and entertain.

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