Cheap Weekend Trips to Chicago

People who want to take an interesting trip during the weekend should consider Chicago as a destination. Here, shopping opportunities abound and the local stores make up most part of the attraction. Also, if you have a passion for sports, you will find Chicago is a great place to visit for a match. The theaters are largely appreciated by visitors as well, such as the whole atmosphere of this bustling city is. Chicago impresses many tourists because of its architecture. Although skyscrapers can be seen nowadays in all important cities, it is interesting to know that Chicago was among the first cities to touch the sky with its marvelous constructions. If you want to experience this part of Chicago first hand, the best way to do so is to check in at one of the hotels that are sheltered by old glass and steel industrial buildings.However, if you plan on spending little money while in Chicago, you need to steer your attention to hotels located near the airport or a little far away from the center. Take into consideration that this will require you to have a means of transportation, or use the city’s own transportation in order to get closer to the excitement offered by tourist’s spots located within the city center.A good choice for a traveler on a budget is one of the hotels located in close proximity of The Loop. As these hotels cater mostly to business travelers they are fairly priced. Plus, during weekends you have more chances to find rooms as regular guests use this accommodation mostly during the week.Another idea on how to cut costs on your Chicago trip is to check with travel agencies for package deals. Often people buying tickets for a particular sporting event are also offered convenient deals on nightly accommodations. Take advantage of the promotions Chicago hotels offer and spend a weekend in style without breaking the bank.Chicago is also a family friendly city. Often, families traveling to Chicago are offered package discounts on hotel stays so it is worth taking a look at offers oriented to this category of tourists. Also, there are plenty of advantages included in such packages such as tickets to the zoo, the Aquarium, or other places your kids will enjoy. If you travel with your pet make sure to find out if the hotel of your choice accommodates pets. There are plenty of such hotels in Chicago, so this should not be too hard.Finally, do not neglect to check online deals. There are many travel agencies that advertise their business over the Internet and they offer great deals on two night stays. Just select your place of departure from their lists, and see which combinations of flight tickets and hotel accommodations work for you.

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