A Place of Great Historical Significance, Ohrid

Located in the south-west region of Macedonia, Ohrid is a famous World Heritage Site, guarded by impressive mountain reaching 2,800 meters high and the beautiful Lake Ohrid. The beauty of the place and its historical significance make it one of the most beautiful places to visit in all Macedonia.The historical significance of Ohrid is related to the fact that here the oldest settlement inhabited by humans on the entire continent was found. Lake Ohrid is about three million years old, and the town was first mentioned by the Greeks in documents dating from the fourth century BC. Back then, the town was named “city of light”, or Lychnidos. The name Ohrid was given much later, during the ninth century. A rough interpretation of the name stands for “on the hill”, which illustrates the location of the town.The place has not remained the same over the years, and has known an intensive evolution from its very beginnings. The Byzantine ruling was a great opportunity for Ohrid to develop as a cultural center with economical importance. It also became an important center for the Orthodox Church. Here, the first Slavic university was founded during the ninth century. A very important moment in the history of the town happened during the 11th century, when the town became the capital of the Bulgarian Kingdom under Tsar Samuil.Besides exploring the natural beauties of this place, Ohrid offers many other sites to see. There are many churches, monasteries and basilicas to see here. The most famous cultural influences happened during the times of Saints Kilment and Naum that helped with the birth of the Cyrillic alphabet. This alphabet was later used not only inside Macedonia, but also in Bulgaria, Montenegro and Serbia. You will have to pay twice the normal fee that is charged for locals, but you will not mind the expense once you see what waits for you inside.Ohrid did not use to be an important trade hub, despite being an important religious center as well as cultural. However, there is a bazaar here that you will want to visit. The old bazaar has only one street and it includes a food market and a small square.The historical significance of the place is more important than the trade that takes place here. The tree that grows in the center of the square is one millennium old and is situated close to a beautiful fountain. Also you will be able to see the clock tower once you reach the square of the bazaar. Few of the original stores that once sold food and other items to customers still stand and they are all made of stone. One of the most appreciated shops in here is the Dereban filigree store, where you will be able to admire many pieces of old jewelry made of silver. Rumor has it that very important people, such as presidents and royal bloods, used to shop here for some unique items.

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