A Closer Look At Vienna

Vienna is the capital city of Austria and is one of the world Heritage Sites according to UNESCO. Vienna has a population of about 1.7 million people, and is the largest city in Austria. The healthy and secure environment in Vienna encouraged immigration from different parts of the world, which resulted in rapid population increase at the start of the 19th century. The city, which is situated on the North Eastern part of Austria, is near the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Hungary. It is also close to the longest river in Europe, the Danube. Although the climate changes with seasons, the atmosphere is generally humid. The summer season begins in May and continues to mid September, with the temperature ranging from 20 to 30 degrees Celsius. Winter begins in October and goes up to mid March, with the temperature dropping below freezing point. Rain and snow are heaviest between December and March. Vienna is a city of rich culture, where there are many theaters and other places of amusement. There is one type of musical event or another nearly every night. One of the largest theaters is the Burgtheater and the Theater an der Wien is well known for its great musical events. The city is known for its rich musical history, especially classical music. For instance, it is home to the Vienna Philharmonic orchestra. It is also where such renowned artists as Mozart and Beethoven were buried. If you would like to learn more of history, there are many museums that will serve you well. If you thought that learning history was boring then you will be surprised.Another great aspect of Vienna concerns its architecture, which includes both modern and classic styles. One of the most popular constructions is the Hundertwasserhaus. The building has uneven floors and the rooms have large trees. Its roof is covered with grass. Vienna is where you will find some of the most famed Art Nouveau buildings in the world, such as the Secession building.If you love nature then you need to visit the zoo. Tiergarten Schonbrunn, which is the world’s oldest zoo, is found here. It was established in 1752. One of its unique ‘residents’ is the giant panda.One of the things that make Vienna attractive to the younger population is its rich sporting culture. There are many types of sports that are popular in the city. One of the culinary arts that Vienna is popular for is sausage, with sausage stands found close to many shops and museums. There are different kinds of sausage that are relatively cheap. While people often think of different means of transport when on tour, riding a bike is usually not among them. Yet this is one of the unique methods that can make your Vienna visit quite special. Using bike tours adds a great sense of adventure to your visit. You will have the chance to have a better view of the surrounding and to take more pictures. The guides will answer your questions during the ride.

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